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Become a better salesperson with Whaii Profiler

Write emails that convert better, take your cold calling to a whole new level and and get better outcomes from your meetings.


Whaii Profiler is the ultimate browser extension for any salesperson using LinkedIn who wants to communicate more effectively, build trust faster and sell more.

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Whaii Profiler

We help you understand your prospects and customers better by giving you insights into their personality based on the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and give you tips on how to build trust, relationships, and results faster.

Use it to write emails that convert better, get better outcomes from your cold calls and meetings.

Simply put, we help you become a better salesperson.

1. Install Whaii Profiler

Whaii Profiler is a browser extension (sometimes also called a "plug in" and installs in just a few minutes. Once installed, it's ready to help you analyze your customers right there in your browser. Currently we support Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

2. Start analyzing

Navigate to a person's LinkedIn page and start analyzing using our state-of-the-art linguistic analysis. AI-powered ChatGPT integration boosts your insights and enables you to achieve even better results.

3. Take action

With the insights from Whaii Profiler, you can now better determine how to engage with the person and use the information and tips to increase the likelihood of building trust and a great relationship.  We give you tips for when you're going to be speaking, emailing, meeting, and working together with someone. 

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On mobile? Send yourself a reminder to try the Whaii Profiler browser extension for free when you're back on your laptop/desktop. 

Perfect. The reminder email is on its way!




We've experienced how much easier a job (and life) get when you understand yourself and the people around you. That's why (and yes, that's how you pronounce Whaii too ;-) we are dedicated to delivering products that help you gain insights that will maximize your impact - in your job and in your life.


Everyone is different. Which adds to the beauty and diversity of life. But, it can also be a challenge. We believe that everyone can benefit from knowing yourself and others better. We believe it's the key to a better life where you're thriving, happier, and creating more value and enjoyment for others as well.  


We use state of the art AI and Linguistics to power our analytics capabilities. The science behind is based on decades of research into psychology, psychometrics, and linguistics, giving you results that matter. 

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